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Would You Like to Know When Your Account Receives a Deposit?

Do You Want to Know if a Large Payment Has Cleared?

Create customized email alerts that notify you whenever certain account activity occurs – such as if your balance is too low or when a check has cleared. Account Alerts are customized email or text reminders to ensure you are the first to know when account activity occurs. These alerts keep you up-to-date and can serve as an early identity theft warning system.

TTCU offers the following alerts:

  • Share Balance Below a Value
  • Share Deposit Above a Value
  • Share Withdrawal Above a Value
  • Check in a Specified Range Cleared
  • Loan Payment is Past Due Date

Setting up Account Alerts is easy! Simply log in to your Online Banking account, and select the "Access Accounts " menu option. Select Email or Text Notification then follow the instructions to customize and activate your email or text alerts. Changing them or deleting them is just as easy.